Toes to Bar are pretty much guaranteed to show up in at least one of the Open workouts this year. It’s time to start practicing and perfecting your movement so you’ll be ready in a few weeks. T2B are one of the trickiest CrossFit exercises to master because this gymnastics movement challenges not only core strength, but grip strength, shoulder stability, hip flexibility and also coordination. In the video above, CrossFit Jaakarhu helps break down the difference in Toes to Bar styles – one more for efficiency and one more for speed. Spend some time working on both styles so you feel confident when they come up in the Open and you know which is right for you and for the workout.

Efficiency Toes to Bar:
1. Use for high rep workouts.
2. Take advantage of the kip and travel through a large range of motion.
3. A bigger kip will give you the momentum needed to perform the rep, instead of engaging your muscles until fatigue.
4. You should be “resting” during the back swing, or arch position.

Speed Toes to Bar:
1. Use for low rep workouts.
2. Travel through a small range of motion to save time.
3. In the hollow position of the swing, pull down with your lats, and use your hip flexors to lift your legs and tap the bar.
4. Use hip flexors and core to actively pull your legs back down into the next rep.