Starting a new exercise program is hard. Keeping going month after month, harder still. But the most difficult thing of all? Quitting and having to start all over again (and again and again…).

Not only do you recognize how much strength, stamina and endurance you’ve lost, you also remember how long it took to build it in the first place. And that realization can be frustrating and defeating.

If only people realized how challenging getting BACK into shape is, they’d be more resolved to MAINTAIN their fitness and ADHERE TO their workouts for more than the typical month or two.

Rather than “getting back in shape,” and having to start over from the beginning, we need to find ways to incorporate movement and exercise into our daily lives now and stay on track even during those periods of our lives when our motivation to exercise is low and time to work out is scarce.

Here are some tips for putting an end to”getting back in shape”:

  • Start slow. Sure, working out for 1.5 hours a day, 7 days a week may seem like a great goal, but probably not for those who are currently doing nothing. You can always do more next week or the week after. Set yourself up for success by setting attainable goals. It’s okay to leave your body wanting more.
  • Identify the time of day when you’re most likely to get it done and schedule it in your calendar if need be. Do this before other responsibilities overwhelm you and crowd out your plans. Planning for obstacles is a key component of developing consistency around exercise. Expect to have setbacks and know in advance how you’ll respond to them.
  • Document everything. Not only what you did, when you did it and how long you did it for but also how you felt before, during and after you did it. Your exercise log will allow you to look back and measure progress, as well as showing you the effects of a workout on your mood and mindset. Next time you’re tempted to miss a workout, remind yourself of how good you always feel afterwards.
  • Find someone to do it with. Humans are inherently social. Finding a friend or friends to move with will help keep you motivated and accountable. You are much less likely to skip your workout if you know someone else is waiting on you to be there.
  • Do something active every day. It doesn’t have to be a full workout but doing some form of physical activity will keep you consistent and will make the healthy habits become more routine. Incorporating active recovery (think foam rolling, mobility, stretching, yoga, lower intensity steady-state efforts) will get blood flowing to your muscles to help them recover from your workouts, will help to improve flexibility and range of motion, and can reduce the risk of injury.

If you are ready to GET and STAY in shape, let our coaches at CrossFit Midland help you. We have programs designed for all levels of fitness and offer something for everyone. Contact us for info on how to get started or come check out a free trial class to meet with a coach, try a class, and meet some of members as well.