“The human body is the most beautiful thing on the planet.” –Landon Evans, University of Iowa

This statement was said to me by one of the most influential strength coaches I have ever had the pleasure of working for. It is very dear to me because it has changed the way I intervene with each client. Knowing the infinite biomechanical forces the human body can create and having the opportunity to study it and turn it into a well-oiled machine is invigorating. With that being said, choosing a facility with coaches who hold the same values and treat each client with the same delicacy and intricacy is significant.

When you put your trust in a certified strength coach, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that they work constantly to educate themselves on the science of the human body and its proper mechanics, and put to practice this knowledge to your benefit. This is why it is so important to choose a gym where coaches have the appropriate education and experience to make sure your fitness needs are met.

Having certified strength coaches on staff make what we do evidence-based and measurable. It makes what we say credible and gives you, the client, comfort in knowing you are in good hands. Being efficient and having a broad knowledge base of good body mechanics gives coaches an edge to help you accomplish your goals. We are an excellent resource in helping with proper modifications and making necessary recommendations to improve your performance.

Training as a certified strength coach is a composition of classroom-obtained knowledge, continuing education seminars and conferences, and long hours of practical application that makes everything we do completely about the client’s needs.

If you are having a tough time deciding what gym would be a great fit for you, I urge you to please research the staff and make a sound decision on who will be taking care of you and your goals. CrossFit Midland meets these aforementioned standards. Our training, diversity, and commitment to our clients’ goals, in our experience, is what makes us a strong choice.

Stephanie Vaughn
The Athlete Factory/CrossFit Midland