July 2017

New Skills Class


At CrossFit Midland, we are all about making you better athletes and giving you the knowledge to improve your skills. It is tough to spend enough time practicing and perfecting certain movements and skills in the fast-paced group classes or during a WOD, so for this reason, we are pleased to announce a new weekly "Skills Class." Each class [...]

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June 2017

Power Clean & Bench Press Programs


After looking over the list of goals you all posted on the board, we felt that these two lifts would help the overwhelming majority progress towards said goals. That being said, we will not be tailoring our group programming focus away from our traditional CrossFit Midland approach merely to boost these lifts. Instead, each week we [...]

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May 2017

On-Site Chiropractic & Massage Therapy


Great athletes take care of their bodies. You need to take care of the machine that keeps you moving. When your body is not balanced or your muscles are not firing correctly, this predisposes you to not only poor performance but injury as well. If you want to perform at your optimal level, you have [...]

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March 2017

The Importance of Having a Certified Strength Coach


“The human body is the most beautiful thing on the planet.” –Landon Evans, University of Iowa This statement was said to me by one of the most influential strength coaches I have ever had the pleasure of working for. It is very dear to me because it has changed the way I intervene with each [...]

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January 2017

Toes to Bar Technique: Speed vs. Efficiency


Toes to Bar are pretty much guaranteed to show up in at least one of the Open workouts this year. It's time to start practicing and perfecting your movement so you'll be ready in a few weeks. T2B are one of the trickiest CrossFit exercises to master because this gymnastics movement challenges not only core strength, [...]

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