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January 2017

Toes to Bar Technique: Speed vs. Efficiency


Toes to Bar are pretty much guaranteed to show up in at least one of the Open workouts this year. It's time to start practicing and perfecting your movement so you'll be ready in a few weeks. T2B are one of the trickiest CrossFit exercises to master because this gymnastics movement challenges not only core strength, [...]

Toes to Bar Technique: Speed vs. Efficiency2017-01-29T16:57:22+00:00

Put An End To “Getting Back In Shape”


Starting a new exercise program is hard. Keeping going month after month, harder still. But the most difficult thing of all? Quitting and having to start all over again (and again and again…). Not only do you recognize how much strength, stamina and endurance you’ve lost, you also remember how long it took to build [...]

Put An End To “Getting Back In Shape”2017-01-01T19:12:47+00:00