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December 2016

Holiday Class Schedule


Holiday class schedule for next week below. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at CFM! Friday, Dec. 23rd: 12:00 PM (12 Days of Christmas WOD) Saturday, Dec. 24th: 10:00 AM Open Gym Monday, Dec. 26th: 8:30 AM (Fit Camp), 12:00 PM Tuesday, Dec. 27th - Friday, Dec. 30th: 12:00 PM Saturday, [...]

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The Importance of Sleep


This is probably the single most underestimated tool for health and recovery.  How do you feel when you’re even a little sleep deprived?  I am hungry, I lack concentration, my moods are more volatile, I’m sore because my body doesn’t recover as well, and I lack the motivation to give it my all in the [...]

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