Weekly Schedule:

CrossFit: The goal of the CrossFit program at CrossFit Midland is to increase strength using a structured weightlifting program in a set pattern using squats, presses, deadlifts, and Olympic weightlifting. The conditioning workouts are kept short and intense and use a variety of movements to compliment the strength program. Workouts are formatted so that a person at any level of fitness can scale the conditioning workout to their level of fitness. You must complete Foundations prior to joining the CrossFit classes.

Fit Camp: This class designed to give you a total body workout and improve your overall fitness level in the shortest time possible. Expect running and rowing, athletic drills, body weight exercises, plyometrics, kettlebells and functional movements. Our Fit Camp program is suitable for all fitness levels. Beginner to advanced, you’ll experience a challenging, functional and fun workout every session. There is no Foundations required to begin Fit Camp classes.

The Foundations classes can be scheduled at any time, any day of the week. We try to work with your schedule as best as possible to make these convenient for you. Personal training sessions are also available with one of our CrossFit coaches. Contact us at to schedule your Foundations classes or a private session or simply to find out more information.